Patella Luxation and Torn ACL in Dogs: Expert Veterinary Care

Understanding Patella Luxation and Torn ACL

Patella luxation and torn ACL are common orthopedic issues in dogs. Both conditions can cause significant pain and mobility issues. Therefore, prompt veterinary care is crucial. Town and country veterinarians – are proficient in diagnosing and treating these conditions, ensuring your pet’s well-being.Taxi Dog went bionic today. She popped her CCL (dog versio… | Town and Country Veterinarians

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Dogs with patella luxation often exhibit a skipping gait. They may also have difficulty extending their legs. Torn ACL, on the other hand, typically results in sudden lameness. Swelling and pain are also common. At town & country vet, professionals use advanced imaging techniques to diagnose these conditions accurately.

Surgical Solutions: Torn ACL Surgery for Dogs

Surgery is often the best solution for severe cases. Torn ACL surgery for dogs involves repairing the damaged ligament to restore stability. Town & country vet offers this surgery, providing pets with a chance to return to their active lives.

Patella Luxation Surgery

For patella luxation, surgery aims to realign the kneecap. This procedure prevents it from slipping out of place. Town and country veterinarians are experienced in performing this surgery –, ensuring high success rates and quick recovery times.

Post-Surgery Care

After surgery, proper care is essential. This includes restricted activity and physical therapy. Town and country veterinarians provide detailed post-operative care plans. They support pet owners through the recovery process, ensuring pets heal properly.

Why Choose Town and Country Veterinarians?

Town & country vet is dedicated to providing top-notch care. Their team is skilled in handling complex surgeries like torn ACL surgery for dogs and patella luxation. They use the latest techniques to ensure the best outcomes for your pets.


In summary, patella luxation and torn ACL are serious conditions. However, with the expertise of town and country veterinarians, pets can recover and lead active lives. From diagnosis to post-surgery care –, these professionals are committed to your pet’s health. Trust town & country vet to provide the highest standard of care for your beloved companions.